Bought by Cardiff Cruises in 2020, this boat was purpose built by Mustang Marine in 1989 to sail between Flatholm Island and Barry, where it was originally located. 

When the Glamorgan council divided into the Vale and Cardiff, the boat remained the property of the Vale Council, although the island became the responsibility of Cardiff. The then new Cardiff Harbour Authority ‘leased’ the boat from the Vale but by the year 2013 they had neglected the boat and the cost of maintenance became too much for the council. The Vale council then sold the vessel to Cardiff for a nominal scrap value and was put up for auction in 2019.
In 2020 Lewis Alexander went into drydock for a complete overhaul and to be re-certified so that once again she can serve the island and operate in the Bristol Channel.

Boat Specifications

45 Passenger daytrips

Steel Hull
45 Passengers 2 crew
14 Tonnes
10.2m length (40′)
4m airdraft
1m draft
4.2 beam


120hp Ford Sabre x2

Category C & D waters

65 man life raft and x2 20 person buoyancy apparatus


Bow strengthening plate for beaching and going aground
GPS for long journey requiring specific navigation
Hydraulic Steering
Sensors for speed/depth/fuel
Onboard CCTV
Indoor and outdoor seating
Ladder at stern for swimmers

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