Coupons and Codes

Using codes to get on the boat

Step 1 - Choose the correct date and timestep1

Be sure that you have chosen a date and time that is specified within the terms of the coupon you have chosen, if you want to process your booking on another tab you can click this link.

Step 2 - Enter the number of people the coupon is forstep2

For example, if you have bought a coupon for 2 adults, be sure to enter 2 in the adults field.


If you are bringing infants, although there is no charge, they must be booked on as it is possible there may not be any places available as a place must still be reserved for them.


If you wish to add more people please do this as a separate booking as our system


Step 3 - Enter your coupon number step3

This is the coupon number emailed to you, the safest way is to copy and paste it.


Step 4 - Enter your detailsstep4

Type in your contact details and be sure to agree to the Terms & Conditions and choose 'Continue'


Step 5 - Go ahead and Book!

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