While visiting Wales, be sure to take the whole family on boat trips Cardiff Bay. The tours take place every weekend between the months of March to October, weather permitting. Cardiff Cruises can host up to 200 passengers on their huge ship; that really makes for an exciting journey. The trip will last 90 minutes and begin from the Historic Graving Dock then glides quickly out to the sea. Onboard commentary will give details of the specific sights. Be sure to bring a camera to capture all the beauty on the way.

Penearth Pier is the next stop on boat trips Cardiff Bay. This is a Victorian era pier and a real landmark of South Wales. Flat Holm Island is full of history, right back to the Viking times and full of historic buildings. For first time visitors to Wales this small island is a must see and Cardiff Bay cruises will take you right in its direction. When passing Flat Holm Island, passengers will be on their way back to the Mermaids Quay while taking in the stunning Cardiff skyline. Along the way don’t miss out the Dr Who Exhibition, BBC Wales, Norwegian Church, Wales Millemium Centre, Cardiff Barage Locks, views of the Steep Holm Island, Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey, and St Davids Hotel. Now that is a lot of beautiful, momentous and worthy sightseeing in such a short time.

Boat trips Cardiff Bay offer group and Tour Operators a bonus of a 20% discount for 20 or more people in a group. That is an attractive package deal for travelers who want to get a good feel of what Wales is all about, and sample some of the best sights in the city. They will also do private school trips of Cardiff Bay and Penarth. The maximum number of people for this tour is 150, including all the pupils, teachers and assistants.

Be sure to book in advance, to avoid disappointment. Sightseeing in Wales is fun and beautiful, and it can be truly experienced on Cardiff Bay

boat trips cardiff bay

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