Cardiff Cruises Make Local History

25th April 2014
View of Penarth Pier landing stages from the sea Cardiff Cruises are set to be the first local passenger boat in decades to offer sightseeing trips from Penarth Pier. Volunteers at Penarth Pier approached Cardiff Cruises to investigate the feasibility of offering a regular boat trip using the Pier. “Because of a decline in the number of trips made by the Waverley and Balmoral this year, staff and volunteers of Penarth Pier feared that use of the pier by boats could come to an end, something we are all keen to prevent” reported Martyn Driscoll, the Managing Director of Cardiff Cruises boat company.By working together, Cardiff Cruises with the Vale of Glamorgan council, Pier Pavilion and Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd, the charity that runs the Pier Pavilion, have managed to ensure that Penarth Pier landing stages will be put back into regular use and this will encourage people to visit the newly renovated ‘Pier of the Year 2014’. “The fact that Penarth Pier has just won an award for ‘Pier of the year 2014’ means that it is the perfect time to encourage people to come to Penarth and actually take a boat trip from the ‘Pier of the year’” says Martyn Driscoll, Managing Director of Cardiff Cruises fastest way to lose belly fat.

Dame Shirley cruising through Cardiff Bay Cardiff Cruises are thrilled to be offering these new sightseeing trips from Penarth Pier, which will also offer passengers the chance to cruise around Flat Holm Island. The cruises are due to launch on Bank Holiday Monday, May 5th 2014 and it seems there is already a lot of excitement and speculation surrounding this. “We are getting a lot of enquiries about boat trips from the pier” one of the receptionists from the Pier Pavilion reported.

The cruises from Penarth Pier will be 90 minutes, or for an extended 3 hour trip, passengers can board at the Mount Stuart Graving Dock, Mermaid Quay.

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